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The Peninsula Academy is an educational arm of The Peninsula Foundation (TPF). The Peninsula Academy aims to create an engaging learning environment through tailored capsule courses in understanding policy-making in Governance, Democracy, Defence & National Security, Geopolitics & International Relations, and Science & Technology.

The Academy undertakes these courses with a pragmatic approach that is unique. Our courses are targeted at energetic and passionate individuals to create informed citizens and future leaders.

Why Choose TPA

  • To foster critical thinking, encourage debate and equip our participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to address the current political, economic and social challenges
  • To curate and develop unique courses that explore themes like defence, national security, geopolitics, international relations, technology, public policy and governance
  • To present our participants with the opportunity to interact with well-known, both domestic and foreign, strategic thinkers and analysts, policy-makers and experts from a range of specialisations


Course Date : 24-FEB-2022

War And Policy

War and peace continue to play an enduring and important role in politics, particularly in international relations. What causes war? What are the different types of war? Relevance of forceRead More

Course Date : To Be Announced

Governance and Policy in India

The short capsule on “Governance and Policy in India” aims to introduce the participants to the basic governance structures in India including the constitution, ethics, public finance, and public policy. Read More


The Peninsula Academy endeavours to prepare the youth of India with a vision to develop a strong understanding of governance, policy and other topical issues.


A brief note from the founder

Jhon Smith

Knowledge and awareness are the prerequisite for good citizenship. As responsible citizens we should be engaged in the process of governance and decision-making from the local to the central level. A robust democracy and good governance can materialise fully only when knowledgeable citizens ensure ethics and accountability in governance and security. The Peninsula Academy is our endeavour, through its courses, to create knowledge and understanding of various domains of policy and governance. We work to enable policy transformations, even if they are difficult at times, as they need to meet the trust of the society to bridge the disconnect between citizens and government policies."

- Air Marshal M Matheswaran AVSM VM PhD (Retd)